The Difference

Sure Sports Lending's relationship with about 150 Community Banks is what makes The Difference in Athlete Lending. Sure Sports Lending works with a few hundred Sports Agents, Advisors, Attorneys, and Business Managers across the country to help their thousands of athletes establish local banking relationships. We provide each bank with a complete scope of the Borrower’s request in the form of a credit memo.  

To date, all of Sure Sports Lending credits have been 100% paid as agreed.
Lending against the contract provides substantial security for the transactions done through Sure Sports Lending.

In 2016 we completed over $100M in credit facilities. Each request comes with direct deposit with various cross-selling opportunities to ensure long-term, mutually-beneficial relationship.


  • Structurally secured credits
  • Partner with local Professional Athlete clients with significant upside
  • Substantial deposits relative to the size of credit facilities
  • The opportunity to have first look on future, conventional products to drive additional revenue to the bank
  • An insurance policy assigned to the bank to protect against any unusual or even stereotypical behavior that could put any of these items in jeopardy
  • Legal opinions provided at no cost to the Lender
  • References and access to other banks utilizing our program
  • Full underwriting package provided
  • Credit memos provided to be utilized for your internal approval process
  • Third point of contact for cross-selling opportunities

Want to join the Sure Sports team as an Affiliated Bank? Please fill out our Contact Form and indicate your request.